development of street art, creative economy and cultural innovations


Since 2010, we have been engaged in the implementation of projects that promote networking of cultural activists, cultural and creative industries.
The purpose of the URBAN X activity is the development of human capital through the support of culture as an engine for socio-economic development, a creative economy, the promotion of intercultural dialogue and the role of culture in peaceful relations between communities, including through street sports and arts, the formation of a healthy lifestyle and the protection of joint legal interests of its members.
What we do
The directions of our activity can be formed by groups
Highlight projects and artists in our and partner networks, giving a push forward.
We provide management, strategic, financial and legal advice for the implementation of cultural projects.
Interaction with technological and innovative businesses to create future cultural projects
Strategic Policies
We are debating with the professional community and countries about creating cutting-edge cultural policies and strategies
Our Key Partners
Our Contacts
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